Why is the new Indian Ocean country, the Maldives, not part of the Commonwealth?

The Maldives has long had a complicated relationship with the Commonwealth of Nations, which is a sovereign nation with the right to self-determination.

In a declaration signed in 2012, the Commonwealth also pledged to protect Maldives from attacks by any foreign state, and to protect the country from the threat of piracy.

As the Maldive government struggled to balance security and independence, the Indian Ocean nation began to look more like a separate country.

As a result, it joined the Commonwealth in 2019.

As of now, the island of 1.2 million people is still a Commonwealth member.

The Maldivian government has also sought independence from the Commonwealth, but has been unsuccessful.

The country’s new government said that, if the referendum passed, it would take the matter to court.

While the Maldivians say they will keep fighting for independence, many others, including India, are likely to welcome the move.

The move would be a huge win for the Maldifians, and it would also be a significant step toward bringing the Maldived state into the fold of the Indian ocean.

As far as the rest of the world is concerned, Maldives is a small island nation that has never had an official seat in the Commonwealth.

However, the islands country is the only one of the 12 Commonwealth members with an official name.

That makes it a relatively unique case.

And while there is some dispute over who invented the name Maldives — it could be said that it has been used since the 18th century — it is clear that it is derived from the English word “malmoe,” meaning island.

That’s right, the only country in the world that has ever had its name derived from an English word is the Maldivia.

The name is derived largely from the fact that there is a large island called “Maldives” in the Indian part of this island.

Maldives was originally called “Malaya,” which was a Portuguese term for the island.

However the island has since been given its current name of “Mallem” by the British.

The island was part of what is now known as the British West Indies before it was incorporated into the United Kingdom in 1792.

The British East India Company and its Indian Ocean subsidiaries also owned the island at the time.

So the island is called “Lamma” or “Mali” in English.

That means the island, which has no formal name, is part of “Malaysia.”

It also means “one of the islands in the British East Indies.”

And in fact, the British named the island “Lambi” and the island’s name, “Malayan.”

While the island does not have a formal name today, it does have a long history.

The English name “Malay” was used as a form of identification in the 17th century.

And in the 19th century, when the island was incorporated as a British territory, the name was changed to “Malmoe” to reflect the fact it was the only island in the area.

But the Maldisians have maintained the “Malamoe” name for centuries.

It was originally given to the island by the Dutch as a mark of distinction.

It has since become a popular nickname for the country.

The “Malamas” name is a reference to the large island that is named after the country, as well as the fact the islanders also have a name that is derived in part from the Spanish word “mañana,” meaning a place or area.

The islands name was adopted in the 1920s as a nickname for its people, but it was not until the 1990s that the government decided to change the name.

The new name was chosen in part because it reflects the fact, as the Maldivan government has said, that the Maldigans name is not based on the name of the island itself, but rather a form used to differentiate the island from other islands in India.

The government said it chose the name “Lambo” to indicate the country’s location in the Arabian Sea.

And that’s just one of many nicknames for the tiny country.

“Lampre,” the name given to Maldives by the Maldiving government in response to a petition, was inspired by the word “Lama,” which means “lamp,” a reference that the island country has the same name as the Hindu god Kali.

Another popular nickname, “Gang” is derived of the word Gangula, meaning “king,” or “leader,” a nickname that is also given to some Maldives.

And another popular nickname — “Chum” — is derived by the fact Chumugong, meaning small, is the official name of a small town in India called Chumun.

While “Malambo” is a popular name for the Malay islanders, “Mambos” is the preferred nickname.

The most popular nickname given to these people is


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