A Canadian’s fight to stay alive after being shot

A Canadian family is trying to keep the lives of their six children alive after their mother was shot dead during a drive-by shooting outside their Toronto home last month.

In a lengthy Facebook post, the family’s lawyer says their mother, Tania Brouwer, was “doing everything in her power” to keep her six children safe from the violence of the night of Oct. 28.

Her husband, John Brouwers, says Tania’s son, who was three at the time, was among the children who were shot.

“The kids were running out of the house screaming.

They had a lot of bruises and cuts on their legs,” John Broughs said.

“I think they were all very shaken up and crying.

There were a lot, a lot people crying.

She took them to the hospital and they were fine. “

“She was just doing everything she could to keep them safe,” John said.”

She took them to the hospital and they were fine.

They weren’t hurt.

“A family photo shows Tania at the hospital.

(Facebook)In an interview with CBC News, Tani BrouWER’s lawyer, Michael Housser, said the family is fighting to have her and her six siblings granted a temporary injunction that would allow them to continue living together.”

We’ve been very heartbroken, but we are fighting to get this done,” he said.’

It’s not over’While Tania was in the hospital, John was helping with the kids’ care.”

He would take the kids out for the day and he would get them to a place where they could do their homework,” said John.

John and Tania say they have a long road ahead of them to rebuild their lives.”

It’s still very emotional.

We’ve had no contact with our family in a long time.

We don’t have any contact with her family, we’ve lost a close family member.””

We’ve lost our family member and we don’t know where she is.

We don’t have any contact with her family, we’ve lost a close family member.”

John says Tani is now being treated for PTSD and is being monitored by the Toronto Police Service.

“I don’t want to leave her alone, she has no choice, she’s in a dangerous situation and she needs to get help,” he added.

“Tania is doing everything in the best interest of her family.

I’m doing everything I can to keep Tania safe and help her get back on her feet.”

Police say the shooting occurred at an address in the city’s east end, where a resident was being investigated for an unrelated offence.

Toronto police say they are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

Anyone with information is asked to call Toronto police at 416-808-3000 or Crime Stoppers at 416.222.TIPS (8477) or www.



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