‘It’s a good thing that the news cycle doesn’t revolve around us’: U.S. journalist ‘gives voice to people in danger’

The U.N. refugee agency, UNHCR, has been the subject of controversy over a recent article that criticized the agency for “treating people in need as if they are disposable” and “refusing to address the real crisis of refugees in their country”.

In the article, published last week, UNHCR’s head for migration and development, Karen Besser, said that the U.K.-based agency “has done little to help the hundreds of thousands of refugees who have fled Syria and Iraq, who have become trapped in an endless cycle of violence, violence and hunger”.

Besser was referring to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ (UNHCR) annual report that details how many refugees are in need of resettlement in the UK, which currently stands at around 5.6 million.

She wrote: “We know from the reports we have received that the majority of refugees are not in need and in some cases are not even in the camps where they were forced to live in Syria or Iraq.”

Bessers article also noted that some refugees who were housed in the camp “are unable to leave the camps, despite being offered the chance to do so” by UNHCR.

However, Bessers criticism of the UB has been met with criticism on social media.

In response to the article on Twitter, journalist Sarah Eileen said: “What UB should be doing is getting the money they’ve promised to people displaced from their camps and actually help them.”

She also added that the UNHCR has “failed the people of Syria and the entire world”.

A post shared by Sarah E. (@sarahewatson) on Oct 14, 2018 at 3:30pm PDT “U.B. should be getting the $ that it promised to Syrians and should be making sure people displaced in their camps are safe and have access to water and food.”

Besson’s comments sparked outrage on social networks.

In response, Besson wrote that “our intention is to create safe, secure and secure refugee camps for all refugees, not only Syrians and Iraqis”.

Apostle to the UN, Ayesha Siddiqui, said: We cannot tolerate this kind of ignorance.

It’s a shame to see a U.

B representative using their position to promote a false narrative.

Meanwhile, the UBI, the agency that deals with refugee claims, said it had not received any complaints from the UNHCR.”

We have reached out to UB to find out what is being discussed and if it has been withdrawn.”

Meanwhile, the UBI, the agency that deals with refugee claims, said it had not received any complaints from the UNHCR.

A UBI spokesperson said: UBI is committed and committed to helping refugees and other displaced persons.

It is not the UNHCR that is responsible for the refugee situation in the Ummah.

We are fully aware of UNHCR’s concerns and work to address them.


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