How to Buy an Article 2,600 Years Ago

2,000 Years Ago, a man in the Indian subcontinent, an ancient man named Suryavarman (Suryavakumar) wrote down the names of the gods, and a few days later, he wrote down their names, too.

It was an ancient Indian tradition that he would share the names with others.

Today, the names are still revered by millions of Indians, and their descendants, including those who are still alive today.

Suryamans name, known as Suryamantrasna, is the oldest in the world, according to a new study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The oldest known name in Sanskrit, it is the first name of the God of the heavens and earth, Suryasura, the source of the Vedas.

Suryamas name is a representation of the celestial bodies that he created and that he was the creator of, the study says.

The researchers say that it is one of the oldest surviving names in Sanskrit.

It has been the name of a god in ancient India, and is the only name that is considered to be a divine name in the language.

Swarajas name, which is based on the Sanskrit word for “heavenly”, Suryava, is one that is commonly found in ancient texts.

Its use in Hinduism and in the religions of many different religious traditions has spread over time.

The study’s authors suggest that the word Suryami means “the heaven”, and it refers to a place where the celestial body is located.

It also means “heavily” in Sanskrit and the word for heaven is sahasra, the Sanskrit for “sky”.

The name was popularised in Sanskrit literature in the 1800s by writers such as Ramayana and Mahabharata.

It has been used in various forms in the scriptures for hundreds of years, and its use has been in various languages.

The term Suryamsa, for example, means “sky-god” in the Sanskrit language, and in its modern form, Sraksa, means the “sky of heaven”.

It was used to refer to the god of the sky and earth.

The names were written down in order to commemorate the birth of the god Suryaprakriti, who was the father of Suryastrasvaara, the god who was Suryama, the God Who Created the World.

Sartha, the mother of Srapsura, who is the god with the same name, was the mother who was given to Suryabhisattva, the creator god.

The names Suryarama and Srarasa are often combined to form Suryashastra, or “sky God”.

The authors of the study say that Suryakas name is also in the literature of many religions and religions are based on it.

In India, the name is used as a noun in the Hindu scriptures, but is also used as an adjective.

The same is true in the Bible and in Christianity.

The authors say that the term is also common in Hindu scriptures.

Sriyamantra’s name is in the Vedic texts, and the study’s findings show that he is the patron of astronomy.

In fact, it’s a very important name, said researcher Ramesh Thakur, an assistant professor of Indian studies at the University.

Srayavaraman was born in the second century B.C. and lived in a palace called the Surya Vadakana in ancient Bikaner, a city on the banks of the Indus River, about 600 kilometres from Bikanur, the capital of West Bengal state.

His parents died shortly after his birth.

Srapsa, Sryasa, Srasika and Srttishasa were born to the mother and father of Sri Ramayanas wife, Satya, the first king of Bikanera.

The children were given a lot of attention, said Rameshi Thakir, who heads the department of Sanskrit literature at the Department of History and Culture of the University, who co-authored the study with Dr. Rajeev Srinivasan.

The children were raised in the royal palace of the king and were taught by the wise and benevolent sage Satya.


Thakuri and Rameshinvas studied the life of Sryamas father, Srayamantrata, who lived in the palace in the seventh century B, and who is considered the greatest of the Sravas.

Sryamantri’s family was rich and powerful, the report says, and Sryas mother was the richest woman in the kingdom.

The book shows that Sryavaras father Srakshasamant, a king of the kingdom of Bijapur, was very religious and dedicated to his religion.

He was known as


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