Why are people protesting outside of medical centers?

Medical centers are an increasingly common place to be for Black Lives Matter activists.

The protesters at UC San Diego were protesting the closure of the Memorial Union in the early morning hours of Saturday, January 12.

They were not there to protest the closure or even the police officers involved.

They were protesting a bill that would allow the medical facilities to fire employees who are deemed “unnecessary” for performing certain medical procedures.

According to the California Department of Public Health, the Memorial’s closure was due to a lack of space, a lack.

of medical personnel, and a lack in the health care system to support the medical staff.

The bill that the UC San Diegans are protesting has been passed by the state senate and is scheduled to go to Gov.

Jerry Brown’s desk for his signature.

While the bill was passed unanimously, the protesters’ intention was to have it enacted in a different manner.

They wanted the bill to have the intent to close the Memorial, not to provide space for it to remain open.

As it is, the bill, which has the support of the UCs medical facilities and the California State Board of Equalization, allows the medical personnel to be fired if they fail to perform certain medical services.

This is a major step backward for people of color in the state of California.

It’s the first time in California history that a bill has been enacted that would actually allow the firing of medical staff for simply performing certain procedures. 

The bill is also a big step back for the people of the state.

Medical workers are paid, but the state does not provide enough money to support them.

According to a recent report by the Kaiser Family Foundation, California does not have enough health care workers to perform these services. 

This bill will do nothing to fix the crisis of understaffing in our healthcare system.

It will allow for the state to continue to fund a health care infrastructure that is already struggling to meet the needs of its patients and patients’ families.

This is unacceptable. 

According to the bill’s sponsor, Senator Joe Scarnati, the medical workers are being terminated because they are deemed unnecessary for performing the procedures they are performing.

He told the Associated Press that he wants to provide the patients who need their services the same services they receive for free, but because they don’t have a state-issued credential to perform those services, they must pay for them.

This bill does nothing to address the crisis that exists in our health care systems.

In addition to the fact that it does nothing for the health of our citizens, the current legislation also gives these doctors the power to fire people who they deem unfit to perform a medical procedure.

A few hours after the bill passed, the Medical Director of the University of California at San Diego released a statement saying that, while he agrees with the intention of the bill and the concerns of those protesting, he also wants to make clear that the Medical Directors of UC San Francisco, UCSD, UC San Jose, and UC Davis are not affiliated with or authorized to perform medical procedures or provide health care services at UC campuses. 

“I would like to thank the medical facility staff and students who have demonstrated their commitment to our students, and we encourage them to continue their actions and continue to stand together in solidarity with the UC community,” the statement read.

When the protesters were asked by ABC News to clarify that they were not protesting the bill itself, they said they were.

“I’m a medical staff member.

We’re not protesting.

We were protesting.

If they shut down the Memorial for us to go back in and perform our medical care, then we’ll do it.

They’re going to have to shut down this Memorial if they want to do it.”

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