When it comes to the big guns: How did Liverpool beat Arsenal in the Champions League?

The Arsenal team of 2009-10 was one of the finest teams to have ever been assembled, but it was a far cry from the team of 2010-11.

In the latter half of that season, the Gunners finished sixth in the league and went on to win the league with three trophies.

That campaign, Arsenal managed to reach the semi-finals in both of their Champions League campaigns, and that was followed by a Champions League final victory over Manchester City in which the Gunner won 4-0.

A few years later, they made the final in the European Super Cup in France, which was won by Barcelona.

So how did they do it?

How could they?

There were a few things, the most important being the use of the ball.

That season, Liverpool had the highest possession percentage in the competition, which helped to push Arsenal to the fore in the opening stages.

The fact that they had a relatively new formation with a more advanced set-up than Arsenal meant that they were able to dictate the tempo and play more fluid football in the attacking half.

Liverpool also had more of an offensive presence than Arsenal.

That made it harder for the Gunns to deal with Liverpool’s physicality, and it also meant that the two sides had to play in more different areas.

In fact, Liverpool only had to defend once in the first half against Arsenal and Arsenal only defended twice in the second half.

However, the result was a 2-1 defeat for Liverpool, as they conceded seven goals.

This was largely due to their inability to break down Arsenal’s midfield, and Arsenal scored twice in those three minutes.

It was an easy result, but Liverpool’s defensive dominance made it much harder for Arsenal to break into the game.

Arsene Wenger, who had brought the team together for the last two years, had to use his wingers and his midfielders to prevent Arsenal from taking full advantage of their possession.

As a result, Arsenal were able not only to build from the back, but also create more chances from set pieces.

This meant that Arsenal were forced to use their wingers in more dangerous areas, which led to Arsenal’s most important player, Alexis Sanchez, becoming an increasingly dangerous target for the Arsenal players.

Arsenal’s attacking style also meant the Gunnes had to make the most of their defensive situation.

This resulted in Arsenal’s best players being in the centre of the pitch, which meant that if they had the ball in the area, they could do very little to stop the ball being played into the opposition area.

This means that Arsenal’s goals in the final third were also often scored by their midfielders, who were able turn the ball into the box and play the pass to their wing-backs, who then went forward to create the opportunity.

The only way Arsenal could break down Liverpool’s defense was to make an effort to score from outside the box, which would leave the Arsenal defenders exposed to Liverpool’s attackers.

Arsenal were also forced to deal well with Liverpool in the penalty area.

They had a difficult time containing a dangerous Coutinho, who would shoot towards goal, which resulted in the Arsenal goalkeeper getting caught out.

In a way, it was the best performance from the Arsenal side in the Europa League quarter-finals, as Coutinho scored a late equaliser, and the Gunne’s defense stood up well in front of them.

But it wasn’t a great performance.

The best performance was the one in the semi final.

This season, Arsenal did have a few problems.

They conceded six goals and were beaten in the last-16 in the group stages, meaning they would miss out on a place in the knockout stages of the Champions Ligue 1.

In addition, the Europa league was being played at the Emirates Stadium in London, so the Gunnarans’ first trip to England was unlikely to be a memorable one.

Arsène Wenger had already won the Champions league with Arsenal in 2012-13, so it was unlikely that he would be in the same mood for a second consecutive year.

However – as usual – his team did very well, and Wenger had his players ready for the Champions final.

There was still one more game to play, and if the Gunnners won this one, they would be the holders of the title.

The stats You can download our full-game match statistics spreadsheet for Arsenal and Liverpool here


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