When does the world end?

The world ends when people become extinct.

It doesn’t end on Sunday, July 1st.

But the end of the world could be nearer than you think, according to scientists who are exploring the possibility.

The latest scientific findings from the UN Scientific Committee on the Origin of Species (COSPAR) will be published in a new report called the Doomsday Clock.

The scientists said that in the event of global catastrophe, the clock could start ticking at 10pm on Sunday evening.

The clock, as the name implies, shows how close the world is to the end.

The Doomsday Clock could go up to 10pm GMT and stop ticking when all the other clock-keepers have been reset.

According to the experts, this could trigger a chain reaction that could lead to the Earth’s destruction.

Scientists at the UNSCEED, which represents the scientific community, said the Doomsday clock could go higher than the 10pm mark if there is no significant action taken to mitigate global warming.

A new report by the UN’s Scientific Committee for the Origin and Extinction of Species has warned of a new world of danger if climate change is not tackled.

The committee, led by Sir David Attenborough, said it was time to act on climate change and that “the threat of climate change must be seen as a global crisis”.

The Doomsday clock The UN’s experts say the Doomsday time could be 10pm, which would mean the clock would start ticking as early as midnight on Saturday night, July 3rd.

But there are many possible scenarios that could see the Doomsday start earlier, if climate changes continue unchecked.

Scientists say that if no action is taken to curb emissions of greenhouse gases by the end the year, the Doomsday would begin at 10am GMT on Saturday the 24th.

But scientists are looking at scenarios that might see the clock begin ticking earlier, possibly on Friday the 26th.

This could trigger an explosion of human suffering, the experts said.

The new report says that while it was not entirely clear how far the world might go in its current state, there were many potential scenarios that would lead to global chaos.

The world could go through a ‘crisis’ of mass destruction, with the Earth “collapsing” into a giant ball of dust and debris, the report said.

If this were to happen, it would create a “catastrophic situation” for humanity.

The researchers said they would continue to monitor the clock, but warned that it was difficult to predict the precise date of the clock’s reset.

What are we going to do?

It could be a “huge catastrophe”, said Dr David Attengar, a professor of Earth system science at the University of Reading.

“We don’t know how long the world will last before it is completely gone,” he said.

Dr Attenger said the clock had a history of showing the end to various events in history, such as the fall of Rome and the end times, so it was no surprise to see it would have a future.

The study has been criticised by climate sceptics.

Professor John Bates of the University Of Reading said: “It is a dangerous and irresponsible notion to predict what the world would look like in 10, 20 or 30 years time if we do nothing.”

What do you think?

Should the world start ticking sooner or later?


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