How Donald Trump’s climate-change ban could cost America’s auto industry 1

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency could soon face a reckoning with the cost of its climate-related policies.

The White House on Monday announced that the agency would revise its regulations on carbon dioxide emissions, which it had been required to do under the Clean Air Act.

It would take into account how the industry and the public view the issue and how the agency plans to manage it.

“This decision is part of President Trump’s commitment to ensuring that America’s vehicles meet the highest standards of air quality for safety and quality of life, as well as reducing the risk of serious injury or death to our communities and our economy,” EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said in a statement.

“The proposed revisions to the Clean Water Act will ensure that EPA continues to lead the way in addressing this important issue and will help protect the health of American families and the environment.”

The agency also will consider new ways to encourage the industry to make energy-saving vehicles.

Under the Clean Power Plan, EPA regulations require all oil and gas companies to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases that cause global warming by 20 percent below 2005 levels by 2030.

Under the revised rules, the industry will have to make at least 20 percent of the new cars it sells in 2025 emissions-free.

The Clean Air Acts, the primary environmental laws of the United States, were enacted in the 1970s to reduce pollution from industries that pollute.

The Clean Water Acts, passed in 1972, were also designed to reduce harmful pollutants from power plants.

The Trump administration has not yet finalized its proposed climate change rule.

However, the EPA has made it clear that it wants to avoid the need for the regulations to be revised in order to be effective.

The agency has previously signaled that it would like to avoid revisions to existing rules that it considers overly burdensome.

The Trump administration also wants to eliminate an Obama-era rule that requires automakers to install devices that capture emissions from their vehicles.

The EPA has also been pushing for a rule requiring cars to include an air-conditioning component in some models.

The EPA also has proposed requiring automakers to make air filters and other improvements in certain vehicles to protect against pollutants.

The White House has also proposed mandating emissions testing on new cars, which are expected to cost between $25 and $40 a car.


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