Why the #GamerGate “witch hunt” has never been about ethics in journalism

230 The #Gamergate “witch fight” has always been about a desire to destroy a “social justice warrior” who’s not the real victim.

#Gamergaters are not interested in the real victims of online abuse.

#gamergate is not about ethics, it’s about destroying a feminist.

The hashtag is a “bully” that seeks to intimidate women into silence by “trolling” and “bullying” them.

They do not care about the real people who suffer.

They only care about destroying their chosen target.

They have an ideology that says women are not real victims and therefore, they must be silenced.

This is not a “witch” hunt.

It’s a “siege”.

If you care about victims, you are not a victim.

This war is not for justice.

It is a witch hunt against women.

If you want to talk about ethics and ethics in reporting, look elsewhere.

If the #gamergaters want to get in touch with real victims, they can email them.

The best way to get them to change their minds is to do what the #GameGate victims did and to do it in a way that actually brings them to your side.

It would help if you offered to listen and help.

It will also help if the #gamers who are willing to speak up were willing to put their own voices on the record, too.

If there are any #gamerGate supporters in your community, please tell them what #GamerGaters are trying to do to you.

They are the ones who are trying desperately to silence you.

Tell them how you think the #GamersGate #witch hunt is about.

It might help them understand that it’s not about a “victim” at all, it is about destroying your own target.

Tell the #gaming community: Do not support the #Gaters.

Stop supporting #GamerGhazi.

Stop the #War on Men.

Stop #Gamethrow.

Stop killing women.

Stop fighting for women’s rights.

Stop being afraid of your voice.

Stop listening to the #gaters.


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