When a flu pandemic hits: The ‘covid-free’ flu season starts in a month

The flu season is officially here, but it’s already getting tougher to get sick.

Here’s how to get in shape and stay healthy during the flu season.1.

Know what to expect2.

Get a flu vaccine3.

Make your own flu shots4.

Use this guide to make your own vaccines5.

Watch this interactive to see how to prepare for the flu pandemicsThe flu season begins on Monday, March 17.

It lasts until Tuesday, March 18.

The flu can affect anyone, including those with weakened immune systems.

However, it’s most common in older adults, those who are at high risk of catching the virus, and people with weakened immunity due to a serious illness or medical condition.

People are asked to wear masks and to avoid touching surfaces and open windows in case they become ill.

People also need to wash their hands often to prevent infection.

People with weakened immunities or medical conditions may be at risk of getting a mild flu infection.

People who have recently had a severe flu illness may have a more severe flu.

People who have had severe flu symptoms are asked not to go outside for a week after they return home.

People with severe flu complications should be taken to the hospital quickly if they develop a fever, cough, or other symptoms.

People should use common sense when caring for their family members, especially if they are ill.

It’s best to keep them home until they are fully recovered.

If someone is not home, they can call a local emergency number or call 911 if they need medical help.

People can also call their doctor to get an initial flu test or take a flu vaccination.

For more information about the flu, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website.

People may not get sick during the cold snap or even the flu in a flu season, but there are some signs and symptoms of the flu that people should watch out for.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, get a flu test, get vaccinated, and see your doctor.1a.

Fever: A flu-like fever can occur when your body doesn’t have enough circulating antibodies to protect you from the flu.

Symptoms can include muscle aches, headache, muscle cramps, and fatigue.

The flu can cause your body to produce fewer antibodies than normal.

People most likely to have a cold flu outbreak: People who are elderly, people with chronic illnesses, people who have not been vaccinated, people in homes with people with severe medical conditions, people without health insurance, people traveling abroad, people taking prescription medications, and young children.

People over age 65 may have symptoms similar to that of a cold, such as fever, muscle ache, and muscle cramp.1b.

Sweating: Sweating is when your sweat glands produce too much fluid and cause your temperature to drop.

This can happen even if you’re feeling well.

Symptoms may include: aching in your feet, muscle pain, and aching muscles in your arms, hands, or feet.

You may also feel tired and tired.

People usually recover from a cold virus quickly, but if you have a fever or cough, your body may try to fight off the infection by releasing antibodies.

This may cause a flare-up of the infection.

If the virus does get into your lungs, it may cause pneumonia.1c.

Difficulty breathing: Breathing difficulty can occur if you experience a headache, chest pain, or muscle cramping.

This happens when your blood pressure drops too low to keep your heart beating.

You can also experience a cough or sneezing.

People usually recover after a cold illness.

People normally recover from an infection with a flu-specific virus within a week.

If your body can’t fight off an infection, it can cause you to become sick.

If an infection spreads, you may need to be hospitalized and have tests to rule out other illnesses.

People get sick if: they’re allergic to something or other, or have a serious condition that puts them at risk for catching the flu2.

The virus is new3.

You’re not a new patient4.

You have a weakened immune system5.

You are older than 656.

You were vaccinated for the virus7.

You’ve had a fever before8.

You take prescription medications9.

You travel abroad1.

When to see a doctorFor flu-related symptoms: If you’ve had symptoms of a flu illness in the past, or you’ve been ill in the last week or so, see your healthcare provider or call your local health department.

They may recommend getting a flu shot to reduce your risk of infection.

If you have questions about flu shots: Ask your healthcare providers about your flu shot.

They can tell you how to fill out a free flu vaccination form.2.

How to get a Flu VaccineIf you need to get your flu vaccine:1.

Visit your local healthcare provider2.

Make sure you get a copy of your flu vaccination record3


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