The constitution,

words article 25 – the constitution of the republic, article 25 article 25 is the first article in the constitution.

The article reads: The Republic of Pakistan is founded on the Constitution of 1947.

It was proclaimed by the Prime Minister, Dr A.Q. Khan, on 14 April 1948 and adopted by the House of Representatives of the Republic of India on 28 May 1948.

Article 25 was declared as the supreme law of the land in Pakistan on 23 June 1948 and was proclaimed on 26 June 1948 by the Constitutional Court.

Article 26 states that the constitution shall be in force from the date of its promulgation until the date on which its invalidation is declared.

Article 27 states that every law shall be declared null and void on the first day of the first month following its promulgated date and shall be irrevocable.

Article 28 states that from and after the commencement of this Constitution, the President shall have the power to declare the constitution invalid and void.

Article 29 states that a constitution shall have no validity if it is not in conformity with the Constitution.

Article 30 states that if the government of a country fails to fulfil its constitutional obligations, it shall be punished with imprisonment for not less than one year nor more than three years and be liable to the punishment prescribed in section 7 of the Pakistan Penal Code.

Article 31 states that whenever a person or body of persons is deprived of their liberty in Pakistan, that person or entity shall be provided for, except in the case of the punishment set out in section 9.

The court shall not have jurisdiction to hear proceedings relating to such deprivation.

Article 32 provides that the right to liberty shall be guaranteed by law, in accordance with the principles of international human rights law.

Article 33 provides that no person shall be deprived of his liberty without due process of law.

The right to life and liberty shall, without prejudice to the application of any other law, be protected by law.

A person shall have access to his liberty and to all his property and shall not be deprived thereof except in case of a valid arrest warrant issued by a competent court.

Article 34 states that no one shall be detained or detained in detention without due investigation or a fair trial.

Article 35 provides that every person shall enjoy the right of trial in accordance to law, except the provisions of this article which may not be invoked for the purpose of compelling a person to incriminate himself or herself.

Article 36 provides that any person convicted of an offence shall be liable for the punishment of the offence.

Article 37 provides that an offence committed under any of the provisions provided for in the article or paragraph (1) shall be punishable on conviction and, in addition, may be subject to the penalty prescribed in the same article or in the next paragraph thereof.

Article 38 states that, in the event of any criminal or civil action, the law shall provide for the enforcement of a judgment or order, whether the law has been passed or not, in respect of the alleged offence and for the award of compensation to the victim of the offense.

Article 39 states that persons arrested shall be treated in accordance of the law of their country of origin and the law applicable in the territory where the offence is committed, except for the provisions set out by law relating to the protection of persons against torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.

Article 40 provides that in the absence of any provision of law, the provisions governing the administration of justice shall apply.

Article 41 states that when an accused is convicted, the proceedings of a court shall be instituted against him, except that the provisions for the conduct of an investigation shall not apply to the proceedings in a court against an accused who has been charged with an offence under section 6.

Article 42 states that where the accused has been arrested for an offence, he shall be entitled to a speedy trial by an appropriate court.

The law provides for the discharge of a person charged with a crime and of a prosecution against him on the ground of incompetence, or of an insufficient or inadequate evidence, or where a person is under a medical condition or is in prison for a period of more than one month or has been sentenced to imprisonment for a term of less than six months.

Article 43 states that in any proceeding, any person may bring an objection to the verdict.

Article 44 provides that, as far as the law is concerned, the right is vested in the President and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the President may be removed from office for good cause.

Article 45 provides that proceedings under the provisions laid down in this article shall not take place outside the territory of the said Republic, except where a court has been dissolved or when a person dies, is detained or becomes incapacitated, or has died or ceased to be in custody.

Article 46 provides that there shall be no discrimination between citizens of the United States of America, other than persons of the African race, or any other race, nationality, religion or political opinion, or between citizens and nationals of any foreign country or any nationality of which that country is a part, or persons who are members of


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