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sectionALEXANDRIA, VA—A newly discovered virus has caused a wave of online chatter among users of social media.

According to a new report by security firm FiveThirtyEight, the newly discovered strain of ransomware called CryptoWall is targeting users of Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

The malware is designed to steal users’ login credentials from a compromised website.

The virus can encrypt files and prevent a user from accessing the infected website, or make a user’s files inaccessible, but users must still pay the malware a fee to unlock their files.

FiveThirtyEight says the CryptoWall ransomware has infected around 40 percent of the sites it has tested, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

While the malware has been spotted on sites including LinkedIn, Twitter and Tumblr, it is still unclear how widespread it is and how the virus is spreading.

Twitter says that the CryptoCWS malware has infected over 5,000 accounts and has been removed from the company’s servers.

The company is working to remove the ransomware from its servers as quickly as possible.

It has also been contacted by security experts who believe CryptoWall has infected more than 10,000 sites.

Twitter said in a statement:The malware has also caused some sites to take down their Twitter accounts, but Twitter is still working to restore these affected accounts to full functionality.

Twitter also said that the virus has been detected on LinkedIn.

Twitter said in its statement that the malware had been detected in over 1,000 LinkedIn profiles, and that it was removed from LinkedIn accounts.

LinkedIn said in the statement that it has taken steps to remove CryptoWall from its platforms and is working closely with law enforcement to find and remove the malware.

In addition to the ransomware, the company also reported that it is working with cybersecurity experts to get the CryptoWrap malware removed from a wide range of sites.

The malware has reportedly been used to steal user information from thousands of sites, including the official Twitter account.

Twitter has been monitoring CryptoWraps activity since November 1.

In a statement to NBC News, a Twitter spokesperson said the company is “committed to keeping our users safe online.”

In an email to The Associated Press, the Cryptowrap team said:We are aware of the recent infection of some of our websites and are working with law enforcers to investigate this.

We take these incidents very seriously, and will continue to work with law-enforcement authorities to address this.

“In a separate story published by FiveThirtyeight, researchers found CryptoWall infecting at least 6,000 websites.

FiveThirty8 reports that CryptoWall infection rates vary by platform.


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