How to get the most out of a Trump presidency

When Donald Trump took the oath of office, the nation’s capital had become the epicenter of his presidency.

And while his policies have certainly been marked by some of the most egregious and dangerous actions that have come from the Trump administration, the president’s policies haven’t been nearly as egregious or dangerous as the actions he has taken.

That is, unless you count the tweets that have been sent from the Oval Office, the daily press briefings, and the president himself.

And that’s because, while the president has made some truly egregious and destructive decisions, he hasn’t really shown himself to be anything less than a leader.

For a president who has a knack for making people feel threatened, his presidency has been more about the fear-mongering and the paranoia than the policy prescriptions that actually serve to achieve any kind of progress.

In a country that has always been so divided and divided by race and ethnicity and class and gender and ideology, Trump’s presidency has often been about scapegoating and the ability to create a sense of division and fear for the rest of the country.

That has created a climate where people feel like they can’t trust the president.

The President’s first tweets The president’s first tweet was a retweet of a picture of the president with the caption, “What a great day.

We are the greatest!”

Trump quickly deleted the tweet and later retweeted another picture of himself with the same caption, which included the image of him and the caption: “Congratulations to our Great Wall of China.”

It’s the first tweet since February of 2018 that has come after he took office, and it was the most immediate tweet from his account to date.

On March 14, 2018, the day after Trump’s inauguration, Trump wrote, “Congratulations on the beautiful wall being built on the southern border of the United States.”

“The border wall is not a cheap, easy, or politically correct project, it is an expensive, and dangerous, and costly, project.

It is not politically correct, it will not be politically correct in a decade, and if it were politically correct it would be impossible,” he continued.

“There will be no wall on the other side of the border, no border fence, and no amnesty for illegals.”

On March 24, 2018 the president tweeted that “illegal immigration is the #1 economic and moral threat to the United Kingdom.”

“When the media reports on this illegal immigration crisis, they always leave out the fact that it is a result of people like myself who are bringing our families to the UK to live,” he said.

“We will bring them back and they will bring us jobs and we will bring back millions of jobs.

They will bring jobs to the U.K. And they will be able to pay their own taxes.”

In an interview with CNN on May 4, 2018 he told anchor Anderson Cooper that “the wall is a stupid idea.”

“I mean, it’s stupid.

It’s not a good idea.

It will never work.

But the border is an issue, Anderson,” he added.

Trump has often spoken out against illegal immigration, even going so far as to declare that he would deport all undocumented immigrants.

The president has even said that the country’s “open borders policy” is the “biggest fraud in U.S. history.”

While the president often takes the side of undocumented immigrants and advocates for their deportation, the majority of people who are undocumented and have families in the U: are not legal immigrants.

This means that, regardless of the political rhetoric from the president, the vast majority of undocumented people in the United Sates do not qualify for any kind or level of legal status.

The problem is, they are living in fear of deportation.

And it’s because of the policies that Trump has put in place that the vast, vast majority are not able to go to work, or to get a college education, or any of the basic freedoms that we enjoy.

“I’ve lived in fear for my entire life,” said one undocumented immigrant who asked not to be named.

“The Trump administration has not only given people who live here legal status, they have made them afraid to leave their homes.

I have been in fear.

I’ve been scared for my life.”

In a recent interview with CBS News, undocumented immigrants, who are largely in the rural areas, said they’ve had to “sit outside in the cold, the rain and the snow.”

The fear that people in these areas have is that they will have to go back to their homes, to live in the shadows, to stay in their homes with their children, and not be able go to college or have a job.

That’s the reality that undocumented immigrants in these communities have been living in for years.

“In the rural communities, people just don’t trust their own government anymore,” said Jessica Gonzalez, a self-described undocumented immigrant and mother of three who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

“So if you’re not in the government, you don’t


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